Hey, I'm Caelin.

(they/them pronouns)

Writer. Editor. Coach. Non-binary ex-copywriter with story in my blood & astrological chart. 

I help paradigm-breaking entrepreneurs show up on paper like they do in real life, so they can change the way things are done.

I believe your writing process has been stolen from you. And with it, your ability to articulate the magic of what you do.

Here's how it happened to me:


I was lying on the floor of my grandmother’s basement, scratchy carpet behind my head, staring at water-stained ceiling tiles when my cousin said: “You have no imagination.” 

One week later I started writing my first novel.


Yellow manila envelope with my name on it, final grade inside. Skimming down the grading rubric, only concerned with the final number at the end. 

CRWR 101: 86%

A blow to my straight-A ego. 

The only comment: “You’re an immensely talented writer and it’s been a joy teaching you, but I’m worried that this YA fantasy world you’ve created will hold you back.”

After that, I stopped writing fantasy for classes. The hit to my GPA wasn’t worth it. And I so desperately wanted the validation of a BA. 

I still remember the headline that dragged me into the online world. Sneak-reading the old-school sales page on my phone in the middle of the call-center floor:

You can make a living writing for just 4 hours a day!

It hit me where it hurt: in my gut. In my soul. In my want

I wanted to LIVE.
I wanted OUT.
I wanted to WRITE.
They told me copywriting was the key to all of those. 

I believed them. 


There’s a reason people call it Confusionsoft. Once I (finally) figured out how to download the stats for my first email sequence, I opened it up...and my heart dropped. 
Nothing’s changed. 
My copy made no difference. 
Sparkly, brand new copywriter, eager to prove themself...a failure from day one. 

At our next meeting, I asked my boss to set a time to go over copy and audience more in depth, since I’m clearly not nailing it. He agreed with a smile, like he was happy at my initiative and willingness to improve.

“We focus on weight loss because people won’t buy anything else. Really what we’re selling is hope that they can lose weight, but it’s always tied back to weight.” 

I choked back the bile and the anger. I connected with these people over health. Over how important it is to listen to your own body and figure out what works for you. Over how complex health really is -- and how it’s not always measured in scales and pounds and size. 

And now I’m a cog in the machine saying otherwise.


“I just signed up for this marketing course, and we’re re-doing all of my marketing to work with the instructor’s new system. So I need you to write this next webinar using their process and formula, okay?”

I didn’t know how to say no when I was on retainer. 
I said yes.

The webinar flopped.


“We’re gonna try a new system, with daily standups and copy reviews. I need to be more hands on with this stuff, and I think we can head off some of these larger rounds of edits if we do it this way,” my boss said over one of our many Zoom meetings.

Months into this job and I still can’t get a handle on what he wants, so I  welcome the guidance and show up daily, new pages in hand and a smile on my face.

Except his guidance does nothing but chip away at my self esteem as track changes replaces black text with red. 
Edits not for style or content -- but preference.
What I've written is fine by our style guide...but it’s not how he would say it, so it gets changed. 

Every time I sit at the page his ghost haunts me, nitpicking every word before I can write it down. Slowly, my ability to write, my speed, my confidence starts to crumble. 

The path back to my own magic - my voice, my words - was long, but relatively simple.

Not to them -- but to me. 
Listen to my brain.
Learn what it needs to write easily and write well.
Give it that.


“This isn’t going to be super reliable as you’ve only got one ideal client for me to interview,” I cautioned my client. 

She nodded, accepting that. “That’s okay. If everyone I work with is like this guy I’d be very happy.” 

I gathered all the notes she gave me, all the correspondence, all the interviews. Buried in the middle of a memo, there it was: “I want to not be afraid to grow.” 

And I knew exactly what I needed to write. 

Let go of the deadline. Let go of the draft.
Let go of the crushing expectations. 

Find your center and just...write. 

Come back to it later, once writing brain has shut down and editing eyes have turned on. 

Ask: how well does this align with the most important things?

This is how Touchstone was born. 

My Touchstones


  • Core Emotional Desire
  • What am I really selling?
  • Write by hand


  • The final scene
  • Who has power & why?
  • Write by hand

When I Use Touchstones...

  • Clients absolutely fucking rave about their copy (and publish it without edits) 

  • One email 4x’d a client’s response rate and brought in over $7000 in new sales

  • 9% email purchase rate (not clickthrough), on a $2000 digital product

  • 16% webinar conversion on a $1500 digital product

  • Instant spike in engagement, with reads, shares, and traffic to content that “finally sounded like it was in my voice”

When I Don't...

  • Copy tanks… like is-something-broken-there-are-no-sales tanked

  • Even after a year of work and 5 separate edits

  • Because it was bland and boring and sounded like every other writer on the internet

  • Because I was struggling to string words together despite having detailed outlines, a full swipe file, and every template and checklist on the planet


Their Rules Don't Matter. Your Truth Does.

Process is the secret sauce every writer has but never really talks about.

That’s why you’ve never been able to write copy that feels like YOU. (And why no one else has been able to get there either.) 

Because every writer’s process -- every writer -- is different. 

Including you.

To create copy that captures all of who you are…
Copy that moves people, that makes them care…
Copy that sings and is filled with artistry and heart and truth

You need to develop a process that works for you.
One that works with your brain, your learning style, how you process information, and your natural creative instincts. 

You can’t use someone else’s process. That’s like trying to be yourself by borrowing someone else’s brain. 

You need something custom built for you, that will help you put all of you on the page. 

Let's Build It Together

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