The Articulation Guide

Find. Your. Words.

The Gap is a Thief

It steals the words from the tip of your tongue and dances away with them, leaving you staring down at this blank page. 

A page that’s supposed to sell for you. To spread your message. To help you stand out, stand apart. Get people engaged with you. 

Yet, because of the Gap, you have no idea what to say. 

The words quite simply aren’t there.

You can FEEL it — that pressure, that energy in
your gut. You know there’s something that needs
to be expressed. 

But you just can’t do it. (And no one you’ve hired
has been able to do it either.) 

The Gap is too big — too daunting.

A vast, deep chasm with no way across.

Copywriters might offer to try and cross it for you but it never comes out quite right, while templates and formulas only leave you feeling more lost.

Because what do you even say

The Articulation Guide is Your Stepping Stone Across the Gap

The Articulation Guide gives you the words you need to make your people go “holy shit you get me”. 

It’s a deep dive into your people, a Touchstone you can grip when you’re in danger of being swept away by the tides of creativity, or when the Gap steals your words. 

In the Articulation Guide, we find your unique spark — the one that turns your copy from not-garbage into GREAT — and spell it out for you. 

And you get a proven bank of words and ideas (based on deep customer research) for you to come back to every single time you stare down the gap.

The Guide Contains: 

How It Works

1) Questionnaire + Interviews

Once you’ve booked your Articulation Guide, I’ll send you a questionnaire covering everything I need to know about you, your business, your perfect people, your current copy, and where you want to go from here.I’ll also ask for the names and contact information of 5-10 perfect clients of yours I can interview.

2) Deep Dive Call

We’ll book in a 90-minute deep-dive call to go over your business, your market, your messaging, and more. We'll look at what's going on, where you'd like to be, and figure out how to get you crossing that Gap.

3) Research

This is where I go off and survey, get the lay of the land, and figure out how you fit into this landscape. What do you need to do to stand out? And how can we align that with who you are?  Research is where it all starts to come together -- your feedback, your clients, what your competitors are doing, where the gaps are -- and where your words start to be born.

4) Presentation

Once your messaging has been finalized (usually about 2 weeks after the final interview) we walk you through what we’ve unearthed and deliver your final guide, complete with suggested messaging, what your customers really think, and a 2-page cheat-sheet version. 


4-6 Weeks
  • 5-10 customer interviews
  • Kickoff & presentation calls
  • Full PDF Articulation Guide
  • 2-Page PDF Cheat Sheet
  • Call recordings
$3000 USD
payment plans available
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JAson Connell

Consultant for Professional Speakers

Caelin managed to capture what I meant to say but couldn’t quite extract from my head onto the page. It was like they went into my head, dug around, went, "Ah! Found it!", came back up and put that down on the page.

They eradicated the discomfort I had with the "good 'nuff" copy. I'm all for launching with "good 'nuff" but there was this "something just isn't right" feeling. I couldn't put my finger on it. It was good. It just wasn't...right. I saw their take and was like "AHHH that's the missing piece!" It was like an exhale.

Talking to Caelin about getting clarity on my messaging for my business was so helpful. As my business has grown and shifted, so has my target market, but I've been struggling to put it into words for a long time. In just one meeting Caelin was able to identify why my messaging wasn't bringing in the right clients and some steps to take to shift things. The best part is that I don't have to make any major changes in the content I'm creating! If you've been stuck with reaching the right people, you're going to want to work with Caelin.

Nicole Liloia

Business Coach

Always Know Exactly What to Say

 Every time you sit down to write, your articulation guide will be right there, spelling out the exact words you need.

The ones that capture your spark, that say exactly what you do, and give you a running start to create copy that blows you (and your perfect people) away.

No more groping for the right words and wincing when it comes out sounding exactly like everyone else. 

No more staring down the blank page as you wonder what you can say that will grab your audience’s attention (aside from things like “Free Food!” or “FIRE!”)

No more shipping “good enough” copy, that really isn’t good enough but will have to do because you need to launch yesterday or your business will grind to a standstill.

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