Touchstone Copy Coaching

Write with Artistry & Heart & Truth

Because you might be allergic to marketing bullshit...
But your business still runs on sales

And business on the internet is run through words. 

Which means you have to face down the blank page day after day after day. Content, emails, sales pages, social media…

You’re writing all the time, and you can’t hire anyone else to write for you.
Partly because a) you’ve tried that before and it just came out...wrong. 

But also because b) What you do is so much more than just “I help _______ get _______”

Your work lives at the intersection. Multiple disciplines influence your approach to your work and blend together to get results your clients hadn’t even imagined were possible. 

Your ideas change the way things are done. 

Of course no one else can capture them for you! (You're still forming them as you write.)

The Double-Edged Sword of Writing Your Own Copy is This...

You need to write it and you are the only one who can. No one else can capture these ideas and make it sound like you. 

So you’ve studied. You’ve taken a course, read a few books.

You know what you’re doing. You know what great copy looks like.

But you look at yours, and well...

It’s not garbage. But it’s not great either.

It works...sort of. 

It’s good enough...for now. 

Because something has to go out today/tomorrow/this week or your business will grind to a halt. (At least, that’s what it feels like.) 

Copy May Be A Science...But Writing Is An Art

All too often when we’re taught how to write copy we’re taught only the science side of it. We’re handed processes and systems and templates that someone else developed. 

Most of them even work...If you think the same way as the creator. 

If you don’t, writing copy using a system that doesn’t work for your brain -- how you think, how you feel, how you process information -- stifles you. 

And when your work lives at the intersection of multiple disciplines, that stifling kills your ability to write...

You Do Not Belong in the Box of
Someone Else's Process

Hey, I'm Caelin
(they/them pronouns)

(that's me after crying my eyes out at Sasha Velour's Smoke & Mirrors)

I'm an ex-conversion copywriter and life-long writer. I fell into the same trap as you.

I thought online business had to be done a certain way. 

Clients and bosses wanted me to write in ways that were completely unnatural for me. Courses and books told me to follow “guaranteed” processes...that didn’t work for me.

None of these systems were bad or wrong. They just weren’t compatible with how I write.

Embracing my natural inclinations -- going back to what makes me me as a writer changed everything. I hit client projects out of the park. 

And I realized: fundamental copy principles are more powerful than templates and rules. 

I just had to find a way to remember those principles and work them into my natural writing process.

I love that you gave me ways to think about writing that include how I naturally work. You didn't try to change the process, but showed me how to MAKE it part of the process - and still come out with good content.


Founder of ScaleSpark

Caelin took the time to understand my brand and my vision to help me create something even better than I could have ever imagined. Their feedback was spot-on and has made me realize I have a number of "bad writing habits" that I'm now able to correct as I write.

Lexi Sylver


Touchstone Copy Coaching

A Touchstone is exactly what it sounds like: something with deep personal resonance that you come back to over and over and over again. 

And you can use them when writing. 

Phrases, sayings, touchpoints you come back to over and over and over again. They guide you through the ever-shifting tides of creativity, and help you navigate the murky waters of copy.

Your Touchstones are unique to YOU. They help you remember the specific things you need to write great copy. The rules or principles you always forget...but when you add them back in magic happens. 

Your Touchstones are selected specifically to work with your natural creative process and how your brain naturally processes information. No shoving or pushing yourself into frameworks and boxes that feel restrictive.

Just smooth, flowing writing. Except for the inevitable eddies that come with the creative process but you know what I mean--nothing that feels fake or forced. Just you. On the page. Fully.

How It Works

Touchstone Copy Coaching is a 3 month process. You write. I edit, coach and help you uncover what you need to put all of yourself on the page. every. single. time.

When it’s over, we’ll have mapped out your unique writing process that works with your brain, gets you in flow, and connects you to your perfect people.

Pick A Project:

Sales Copy
Blog or Email
Web Copy

We focus on one project during our time together so that we can really narrow in on process and start seeing consistent results.

Deep-Dive Kickoff Call

1 hour, via Zoom

During the kickoff call, I’ll get the current lay of the land, figure out where you are, and we’ll talk about where you want to go. We’ll also get some preliminary Touchstone ideas so you can start writing immediately. 

Coaching Calls

12 x 1 hour, via Zoom

On our calls we'll delve into your writing process. What’s going on? How did it feel this time? What’s going through your head when you sit down at the page? Touchstone is both iterative and experimental. This is where we experiment, building out what works for you and tweaking as we go.

After each call you'll get the recording and your action steps sent to you via email.

Writing & Editing

Your business has to keep running, so we keep shipping. Between calls you’ll be executing and writing your own copy, and I’ll be giving you feedback on it. Copy is due 48 hours before each session (so I have time to review) and comments are delivered via Loom video so you can refer back to them whenever you’re ready to get to work.

You'll also get...

Everything You Need to Express That Thing Inside You & Change The Way Things Are Done


3 Months

  • 12 coaching calls
  • Deep-dive kickoff call
  • Direct Feedback & Copy Edits
  • Full Process Map
  • Personal Writing Toolkit
  • Watch Out! Your Writing Habits Guide
  • Email & Voxer Support

$4500 USD

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Stephanie Briggs

Soul Guide & Intuitive Healer

Caelin disrupted months of writer's block that had been strangling my business. I emerged from the session rejuvenated in my mission and resourced with a simple, personal, and highly effective process to bring to my writing. Since then I've shifted from epic levels of avoidance, to writing regularly with significantly less anxiety, frustration, and wasted time along the way. I've even been able to incorporate these touchstones into my process for other kinds of creative initiatives.

When I wrote before it came out boring, stale, and lecture-y, so I mostly didn't write. Now, can I write consistently even when I'm not full or rage or inspiration? Yes. Can I wake up at 3 am with an idea can I make a note of it and write about it later, rather than having to write it right that second? Yes. Do I feel 500x more connected to my audience because I'm connected to their core emotions instead of the surface level ones? Yes. So even if it's a work in progress, I'd say that's damn good progress.

Michelle Warner

Business Designer

MIke F Harris

Executive Leadership Coach

For months and months, I struggled to write to my audience in a way that felt authentic and unpretentious – the typical end results were either me quitting in frustration or generating zero interest with my copy. Since implementing Caelin’s advice and insights, I’ve felt like I’ve been writing to my audience from the heart and bringing them closer to me for the first time EVER. Caelin has the unique superpower of helping you create deep connection with your audience, and I’m grateful to have gotten a glimpse of it.

Touchstone Copy Coaching is for you if…

Touchstone Copy Coaching is Not for you if…

If you’re still not sure…
Book a call with me.
There’s no obligation and no pressure.
Just us exploring if this would fit for you, your business, and your writing style. 

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Banging Away At Your Keyboard For Hours Isn’t The Work You’re Here to Do

But it facilitates the work you’re here to do and connects you to your people. 

Imagine if you no longer had to battle the blank page every time you sat down to write…

Imagine if you could show up on the page as all of you, every. single. time….

Imagine if you could connect to your audience at will, and reliably tap into the passion that fuels and expresses your paradigm-shifting ideas…

Imagine having an anchor to come back to every time you get swept away by writing and words and marketing…

That’s Touchstone. 

And that’s the copy Touchstone Copy Coaching will help you write. 

Your work is groundbreaking. Your copy should be too.

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