There Are 2 Ways The Gap Fucks With Your Copy...

Your Impact

  • You’re getting your message out...but nobody seems to be listening or eager to engage with you
  • You can’t find that thread that makes you stand out from other people -- even though you know it’s there
  • You edit the living daylights out of your copy, overengineering until it sounds like everyone else
  • You’re a good writer, but copy just doesn’t flow for you. It always ends up feeling stiff, or robotic or pushy

Your Words

  • You feel like the right words are on the tip of your tongue...and they laugh at you as they float away
  • You get told to “be more specific” but have no idea how to do that
  • You don’t know how to describe what you do in a way that makes people go “I get it”
  • You feel like you’re saying the same things over and over...and it’s not working
  • You feel like you have to invent a whole new language, because you don't fit neatly into anything that currently exists

Crossing The Gap is Easier Than You Think

You don’t need 12 million copy rules or some insanely complicated copy
formula/funnel/writing process.

All you need is a few Touchstones to anchor & guide you through the storm. 

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Sift through the mind-fuckery that is writing for money (aka copy) to write in a way that sounds like you & gets results — every. single. time.

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Find your words, make your impact, and always know exactly what to say with messaging that perfectly articulates what you do.

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Caelin eradicated the discomfort I had with the "good 'nuff" copy. I'm all for launching with "good 'nuff" but there was this "something just isn't right" feeling. I couldn't put my finger on it. It was good. It just wasn't...right. I saw their take and was like "AHHH that's the missing piece!" It was like an exhale.

Jason Connell

Speaker & Consultant

Copy May Be A Science, But Writing Is An ArT

And, all too often, we neglect the art when we have to engineer our words so they make money. 

Touchstone lets you navigate that balance of art vs. science and create copy that naturally flows and feels like you.

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Write copy that makes your people go “Holy shit you get me!”

Free your voice and create connection with the Power-With Sales Page Framework.