The Touchstone (Copy) Writing Method

Write the good shit. Every. Single. Time


The mythical focus state artists and creatives (and anyone who does deep work but that’s less sexy) swear by for doing their best work.

Where you feel fully immersed in what you’re doing, energized, full of focus, and enjoyment of the thing. 

Flow is the place most people can’t get to when writing copy. 

Because you're too worried about the end result.
          > Does this sound right?
          > Will my audience care?
          > Will they understand? 
          > Will they buy?
Even when it’s not conscious, that pressure is there. (Because marketing is sales, sales is money, and, in a capitalist society, money is survival.) 

That pressure does some brutal things to your copy.

Except... Sometimes...the Magic Works 

Every so often you manage to write a facebook post or an email that just takes off...

Sales flood in...

People hop on the phone with you...

Everyone loves it.

And you know there’s a difference -- it FELT different when writing it. 

That’s flow. 

Touchstone Is A Way To Consistently Access That Flow... So You Can Put All of You On The Page & Create Consistent Copy Magic

I’ve been writing for 20+ years in every form you can imagine. (No, literally, I had to do all of them in university.) 

The secret to Flow is this: 

There is no secret.

You can’t follow someone else’s process.

No one else is in your head.

No one else knows exactly how you process information.

No one else knows what you’re trying to say.

No one else gets that gut feeling + just knows when it’s right or when it’s wrong. 

The only “trick” to accessing flow consistently and creating copy that captures that unnameable feeling in the pit of your stomach is to figure out what you need and give it to yourself.

That means divesting from the 12 million copy rules you’ve memorized and focusing on a few key things that matter for you. 

That means working with your brain and your natural learning style instead of against it. 

That means giving yourself the space to brain dump...if you need it. Or outline if you need that. Or jump around all over the place (like I do). 

That means giving yourself the space to let go and have fun...while still being able to come back to what matters. 

That's Touchstone

Touchstone is a flexible writing framework

It’s not proscriptive.
It won’t tell you what to do or the exact system you should use for "guaranteed results."
It’s a way to marry your individual needs as a writer with the foundational principles of copywriting to create copy that feels like you.

Download the Framework and You’ll Discover:

  • How to tell if something is a Touchstone for you + an exercise to find your first one
  • The three stages of writing and how Touchstone helps you in each of them
  • Examples of common copywriting touchstones you can test out  (including my personal copywriting Touchstones!)
  • The three essential things you need to find your Touchstones -- and a few prompts to help you get there

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